UV release dicing tape for wafers, UV curable adhesive Tape,Backgrinding(BG) Tape

UV release dicing tape for wafers, UV curable adhesive Tape,Backgrinding(BG) Tape

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    UV curable adhesion process and temporary carrier technology has been developed for very thin wafer processes in TSV (Trough-Silicon Via) wafers and IGBT. Such very thin wafers cannot be handled without any support tapes. The UV curable dicing tape can support very thin wafers during operational process and easy to pick up afterword.

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    It is an epoch-making line of UV release dicing tapes whose features can be changed in accordance with operational process. The PO films was coated with special adhesive which has high adhesion. Outstanding characteristics support the dicing process of wafer manufacturing.
    The tape’s strong adhesion secures wafers during grinding and dicing, and then is reduced by UV exposure to facilitate pick-up. This dicing tape is essential for full-cut dicing of wafers to improve die quality, and fully applicable to dies of multiple sizes.

    ● Strong adhesion with excellent dicing performance before UV.
    ● Release adhesion and good pick up performance after UV exposure.
    ● Secures wafers with strong initial adhesion to ensure dicing without any slipping or peeling even for small dies.
    ● Supports instant control of adhesion by UV irradiation, allowing large dies to be picked up easily.
    ● Causes no contamination by adhesive residues or by metal ions on the wafer backside surface, and no adverse UV irradiation effects on IC chips.
    ● It can prevents dicing wafer from penetrating into the interface with high adhesion strength.

    Before UV irradiation High Adhesion (to guard the surface of the wafer)
    Shock and Vibration Absorption (to protect the wafer against breakage and damage during backgrinding)
    Acid Resistance (to protect the wafer from acid etchants)
    After UV irradiation Easy peeling-off (no stress during tape removal)
    no contamination (on the surface after the tape removed)

    Mainly used for the package/laser/blade dicing and grinding of all kinds of IC wafers, ceramic, glass and any ultra thin component etc.

    UV release tape also called Wafer Thinning Tape,Wafer Dicing tape,wafer backgrinding  tape, wafer backlapping tape,Wafer Grinding & Polishing tape.

    Note: Custom sizes are available upon request and supply free sample for test.


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