Kapton tape, high temperature masking tape with polyimide film

Kapton tape, high temperature masking tape with polyimide film

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    Kapton tape is made from polyimide film with high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. We can provide 1 Mil, 2 Mil, 5 Mil thick polyimide material. The polyimide film has an excellent balance of properties over a wide range of temperatures and have a high dielectric strength. Because of these characteristics, it is uniquely suitable for specific for many high temperature applications. Kapton tape make innovative design solutions possible in a range of industries including, automotive, solar photovoltaic and wind energy, semiconductor and transforming industries, electronics and industrial applications.


    ● High temperature masking.
    ● Excellent electrical insulation.
    ● Withstand the high temperature up to 280°C.
    ● Thin and conformable enabling masking of uneven surfaces.
    ● Removes without adhesive residue after exposure to heat /chemical.


    ● Protection of Printed Circuit Boards during wave soldering.
    ● Insulation on Transformers, Motors, Coils and PCB.
    ● Used for fixing the lithium battery’s positive pole and negative pole in high grade electric appliance.
    ● Solar Panels.
    ● Fiber Optics Cables.

    Data sheet (Kapton tape)

    Color Amber/Black/Red
    Adhesion Type Silicone
    Film Thickness 1.2/2/5 Mil
    Adhesive Thickness 1.5 Mil
    Total Thickness 2.7/3.5/6.5Mil
    Adhesion to Steel 25 oz//inch
    Tensile Strength 30 (lbs/inch)
    Elongation >40 %
    UL-94 Flammability Rating V-0
    Insulation Resistance 1,000,000 mega ohms
    Electrolytic Corrosion Factor 1
    Insulation Class, centigrade 180°C
    Temperature Resistance 260°C (500°F)
    Resistance to acids, oils, solvents Excellent
    Length 36 yds

    Note: Custom sizes are available upon request and supply free sample for test.


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