Vehicle Assembly & Trim Solutions


Vehicle Assembly & Trim Solutions,Securing  the latest  aesthetic trends

The permanent mounting of various components is an important part of the overall vehicle assembly. Ensuring secure bonds with new paints and coatings requires working with industry suppliers to provide you with solutions you can rely on.

Our range of adhesive solutions provides car manufacturers and suppliers with innovative materials that can reduce your cycle times and improve the efficiency of the assembly process. Vehicles can also be manufactured to be lighter and more environmentally friendly.

The Kingzom range assembly and trim mounting solutions can be supplied in roll form, as custom precision die-cuts or as spools, each perfectly suited for your manual or automated assembly processes.

Key Applications & Products

  • Mirrors mounting – Acrylic and PE foam tapes offer effective adhesive solutions for mirror components assembly.
  • Bonding of emblems, badges, decals, chromes & scripting – Acrylic, PU and PE foam tapes create high shear strength and permanent bonds. They are easy to convert and die-cut to any shapes and formats.
  • Bonding, mounting and sealing of tread-plates, scuff plates, tailgates, body side mouldings & profiles – Highly conformable to body contours, acrylic foam tapes exhibit instant and high bond strength on painted and unfinished surfaces. They are ideal for exterior bonding applications.
  • Bonding and sealing of roof trim & cladding – Acrylic foam, PVC, PU are single or double sided adhesive tapes selected when a combination of anti-vibration and cushioning functionalities is required.