IT & Computing, Secure bonding

IT & Computing, Secure bonding of small and light electronic devices

Computing equipment is evolving very rapidly: PCs, laptops and tablets are becoming smaller yet more powerful, and they have become essential parts of consumers and business people’s lives. Tapes must be suitable to respond to manufacturers’ evolving design requirements, helping to build fashionable, long lasting and high performance products

Adhesive tape offers many benefits over conventional fixings such as screws, glue and mechanical connections. Tapes are significantly lighter and require less space within a device, allowing manufacturers to create thinner, more intricate products.

Kingzom provide adhesive solutions which securely bond the various structural components of electronic devices. Our tapes provide a secure, even bond, allowing excellent stress distribution to strengthen the devices’ structure. The fast tape bonding simplifies the assembly process and enables productivity improvement.

Key Applications & Products

  • Notebook panel fixing / speaker / camera / ventilator cushioning and dampening - Kingzom Acrylic Foam Film Tapes offer a cushioning effect and thin bonding design, while dampening vibration and absorbing impacts.
  • Decorative panel fixing – Acrylic Foam Tapes offer excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including low and high surface energy materials. They are temperature resistant and can be manufactured to a suitable thickness for gap filling and cushioning. 
  • Electromagnetic interference shielding – EMI Tapes provide excellent adhesion and high shear strength. They can be used on a variety of surfaces. Providing surface electrical conductivity, they strengthen inherent shielding effectiveness and add dimensional stability.
  • Key pad lamination – with excellent chemical and environmental resistance and a wide operating temperature range, Kingzom PET/PI double coated tapes ensure excellent bonding to a variety of plastic, glass and metals. They do not leave any residue when removed, even after high temperature exposure.
  • Flexible printed circuits mounting – Heat Activated Films offer manufacturers a strong bond for difficult to adhere materials, and where a small bond space is required.
  • Housing painting masking – Masking tape lets you create a superior finish, while providing an efficient barrier between the coated and masked surface. It assures the long-lasting hold and leaves no residue when removed.