Kingzom Tape Solutions manufactures custom adhesive tape and foam products for medical, electronics and almost every industry imaginable.

Specializing in converting adhesive tapes, films, foams and fabrics into component parts, assembly aids and finished products for over 15 years, Kingzom has earned a reputation for providing innovative cost-effective engineered solutions for thousands of unique applications. From concept to production to delivery, Kingzom will work with you to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations!

Find the Right Material for Your Application

Kingzom stocks jumbo rolls of adhesive tapes, films, foams and other flexible materials ready for custom fabrication.
Depending on the chemistry and tape construction, tapes are used for variety of applications.
Quote our tape specialists to help find the right material for your specific needs.

Design a Custom Product to Meet Your Specifications

Whether you are looking for standard or custom size rolls of tape, die cut parts or laminated products, the Kingzom team will convert the materials to whatever size, shape or configuration you need, no matter the complexity or volume. As a 3M Preferred Converter and ISO certified, we ensure quality products and service.

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Converting Solutions

Our Process


Die Cutting


Laser and Water jet Cutting


Screen  Printing


New Capabilities