Pipeline,Meeting the rigorous demands of on-land piplines

Growth in global energy demand, combined with resource depletion, continues to drive the need for investment in pipeline infrastructure. New pipelines are needed to access incremental sources of oil and gas. Similarly, expansion of pipeline infrastructure in the water market also continues as a result of urban expansion combined with the depleting resources of this vital commodity.

Kingzom is a leading manufacturer of anticorrosion pipeline protection systems, and has provided products that meet the rigorous demands of on-land pipelines for more than 15 years. Kingzom products are designed for application to new construction pipes in both plant and infield settings. Our products are also used for the repair and reconditioning of existing pipelines in the oil, gas and water industries.

Kingzom has the ability to tailor the range of pipe coating tapes to suit your needs, providing innovative, custom solutions to your application requirements.

Key Products & Applications

  • Cold applied tapes – for primary corrosion protection.
  • Liquid and Low-VOC liquid adhesives – for pipe coating under tape.
  • Cold applied tapes – for mechanical protection of the corrosion protection layer.
  • UV resistant and low temperature outer wraps – for above ground applications.