• UV release tape

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  • Die cutting tape adhesive solutions for filter gaskets
  • Adhesive tape solutions for foam die cuts
  • Die cutting tape adhesive solutions for foam spacers
  • Die cutting tape adhesive solutions for laser
  • die cutting adhesive solutions for medical packaging
  • Green Masking Dots adhesive solutions
  • die cutting tape adhesive solutions for thermal pads
  • Die cutting tape solutions for tiny parts

Welcome you to Kingzom adhesive tape solutions. As you dive into our web site, I hope you’ll find that we are passionate in all adhesive tapes. This passion to create the best adhesive solutions is why we are successful in the global market. When you look at the landscape of adhesive companies, on one end there are large manufacturers who are only produce adhesive tape without independent research and development. And on the other end are small adhesive companies who simply resell adhesive tape made by others. Kingzom is unique in that number one we have the capabilities to do our own research and development of new adhesive tape, secondly we have advanced equipment to confirm performance, and three we have the best adhesive tape engineers to design personalized program and provide best after-sales service. We don’t just process an order, we aim to precisely fulfill the individual needs of our customers.

  • Masking tape

    >Kingzom can develop the optimal masking process for your specific application. By utilizing fully automated equiment, our masking tape produces unsurpassed quality. It used to mask a specific area on PCB during hydrophobic coating process etc.

  • Tape Solutions

    >Engineers have years of experience handling small die and component packages. Precision equipments provide improved die cut tape flawless accuracy, manufacturing productivity and time to market, that is what customers have come to expect from Kingzom.

  • Release Tape

    >Releasing tape while ensuring high wafer process rates is our objective. Kingzom delivers complete wafer process solutions to all market segments within the semiconductor industry. We delevoped two ways of release solution: UV release and Thermal release.



Kingzom has long-standing relationships with the premier manufacturers of the most advanced and highest quality soft materials and adhesives. Contact us to learn more about the materials we work with and to download data sheets.

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