Solar Module Tape Solutions,Serving the needs of sustainable energy developments


Solar Module Tape Solutions,Serving the needs of sustainable energy developments

With the price of fossil fuels climbing to prohibitive levels and pollution causing severe global consequences, consumers and businesses are looking for alternative sources of power. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce the harmful pollutants responsible for increasing the greenhouse effect which leads to global warming. In addition, solar energy is safe, sustainable and very reliable.

To meet the increasing demands of the Photovoltaic (PV) industry, Kingzom has developed highly specialised foam tapes and films for various applications used in the manufacture and installation of solar panels. Adhesive tapes can offer numerous benefits over mechanical fastenings and glues, for example improved dimensional stability, a high strength to weight ratio and smooth surface assembly.

Kingzom offers manufacturers and installers in the renewable energy industry a clean, quick and reliable alternative solution to silicone sealants and mechanical fixings.  Our dimensionally precise, customised tapes are designed with manufacturing process efficiency in mind. Our products can be supplied in a number of formats.

Kingzom  is proud of its innovative approach to delivering new products which meet the evolving requirements of industry standards including EN 61215:2005 and UL 746C (UL 1703). Working together with the leading TÜV Rheinland Renewable Energies Institute and UL® (Underwriters Laboratories), our products have successfully been qualified to meet their demanding climatic tests.

Key Products & Applications

  • Frame mounting – our range of foam tapes provides a permanent, durable bond between the frame and the module. They speed up the manufacturing process as no drying time is required.
  • Reverse side cell positioning – our products hold the composite parts in place during the lamination process, thus ensuring encapsulation is precise.
  • Junction box mounting – Kingzom materials provide a clean, permanent and reliable bond throughout the working life of the module.
  • High performance adhesive solutions for bonding components in thin-film, flexible, photovoltaic modules.
  • Kingzom has field-proven specialty filmic and adhesive products for the most demanding requirements of the ever-changing technology in thin film, flexible photovoltaic modules.