PVC Double Sided Tape, Strong Adhesion Double Adhesive Tape

PVC Double Sided Tape, Strong Adhesion Double Adhesive Tape

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    Milky white PVC Double-sided Tape, Strong Adhesion Double Adhesive Tape

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    PVC double-sided tape to PVC film as the substrate, coated with acrylic glue on both sides, cover the yellow glassine from the form of paper. Widely used in automotive exterior heat-resistant lenses and fixed between the paste plate, but also for furniture and decorative pieces such as pieces of paste.

    Features-PVC Double Sided Tape

    Flexible substrate, excellent adhesion, temperature, moisture resistance, the rough surface, non-toughness of the surface has a high bond strength.

    Applications-PVC Double Sided Tape

    ● Mobile phone nameplate, headphones, Wei tube accessories bonding.
    ● Fixation of digital camera reflective film.
    ● LCD reflective film and backlight film between the fixed group.

    Structure-PVC Double Sided Tape


    Data sheet (PVC double-sided tape)

    Carrier PVC
    Adhesive Acrylic
    Color Milky white
    Total Tape Thickness (Customizable) 0.225mm/0.325mm
    Lengths (Customizable) 50m 
    Temperature Resistance 80℃
    Adhesion to Steel Sheet (peeling) ≥20N/2.5cm
    Static Shearing Force (hold) 1000g,6.4cm2, 1440min+

    Note: Custom sizes are available upon request and supply free sample for test.


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