Board Sports,Protection tape for the ultimate graphics


Board Sports,Protection tape for the ultimate graphics

Board manufacturers know that slick graphics are essential to make their brand stand out in today’s competitive environment. Whether it’s snowboarding in the Alps, surfing on Bondi Beach or skateboarding at their local half pipe, both recreational and professional boarders want the very best quality of graphics on their board.

Kingzom protection tapes allow you to achieve the premium graphics from different types of board printing, while protecting your surfaces during these intensive processes. Our unique adhesive formula removes in one piece, increasing your production speeds whilst leaving the surface clean and ready to go.

Key Products & Applications

  • Kingzom protection tape ensures that your board materials remain intact during the printing process, protecting them from even the highest temperatures.
  • You achieve better quality and more detailed graphics for improved brand recognition.
  • The deeper layering of the colours results in a long lasting message to the user.
  • Your process speed is improved, as Kingzom tape remains transparent throughout the process, allowing for easy inspection.
  • Save time and costs at the final stage of production, as Kingzom tape can be removed in one piece, leaving the surface clean and shiny.
  • No more costly cleaning after tape removal – Kingzom protection tape’s unique adhesive formulation is residue and silicone free.