Our Process

The Kingzom  Process

Each part that Kingzom manufactures is customized to meet our customer’s specific design requirements.  The process below provides a general outline of the steps we will take to ensure we meet your expectations from our initial contact through full production.


Your sales engineer will collaborate with you to fully understand the details about the design challenge you are facing.  We will consider application, end use, quality requirements and cost constraints.

Marterial Selection

We are proud to say that Kingzom sales engineers have an average of 15 years of experience working with soft flexible materials.  This wealth of knowledge plus the strong partnerships we share with the world’s leading material manufacturers allow us to suggest and supply the most suitable materials for your solution.


We offer a number of prototyping capabilities, including computer generated prototypes, CAD files,laser or water jet cutting, blade cutting plotters and multilayer laminations.  No tooling is required.  Just provide us with your CAD file and we will create a prototype in 24 hours (for stock materials only).


We offer a range of manufacturing technologies from slitting to die cutting to laminating and more.  With the design details and selected materials, our engineers will devise the most efficient, cost effective and high quality process to manufacture your custom components to your specifications.

Final Packaging

After your component parts are fabricated in accordance with precise industry standards, we will package them as your assembly process requires: individually, sheets, or rolls.  In addition, we have the room to add industry-specific processes, such as clean rooms for medical component part production.

Quality Control & Customer Service

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer with over 20 years of top-notch customer service.  High quality standards and customer satisfaction are the main focus throughout our organization.  If you happen to experience a quality issue our team will respond promptly and take all appropriate measures to ensure it is resolved quickly and will not be repeated.


“Great customer service, fast prototypes, wide knowledge base, willingness to help in our development process… These are the things that come to mind when I think of Kingzom.”

                                                                                  -Senior Engineer, Product Development Consulting Firm

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