Kingzom offers slitting for optimal material utilization, precision accuracy, and repeatability for every type of slitting job imaginable.  We have the capabilities to slit and rewind materials to a variety of core sizes at custom widths and lengths.  Slitting capabilities include:


Precision Slitting is the process of cutting large rolls of material into narrower rolls at precise widths and lengths.


Lathe slitting is the process of taking a log of pressure sensitive material and spinning it at high speed on a stationary mandrel while a circular blade cuts the material to specified width.


Razor slitting is a type of rewind slitting that utilizes single razor blades.  Material is pulled through the stationary blades, making clean precise cuts.  Razor slitting is best suited for thin materials like films and adhesives.


Score slitting is a type of rewind slitting that utilizes circular knives to press against a steel cylinder or mandrel with material being pulled through, between the knife and the mandrel.  Score slitting is more appropriate for materials of uneven thickness.


Shear slitting is a type of rewind slitting that uses two rotary knives to produce the same cutting effect as a pair of scissors.  Shear slitting is ideal for paper, foil, and heavier materials.

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