Telecommunications,Bonding solutions

Telecommunications,Bonding solutions for a mobile world

Over the past 30 years telecommunication technology has grown into a highly competitive, multi-billion pound industry that has transformed the way we communicate. Globally, over 1 billion mobile phones will be sold this year to satisfy demanding customers with new designs, sophisticated applications, and state of the art features. Kingzom’s range of tapes is specially designed for the mobile market, helping to save time, costs and improve your production efficiency.

Kingzom acrylic and PU foam tapes bond sections together. Our range of foil, mesh and film solutions provide EMI Shielding, and our heat activated films are used on flexible printed circuits. Each tape component can be customised for your specific application requirements thanks to our global converting capabilities, which will assist you from prototype to the finished precision cut product.

Key Applications & Products

  • Window lens mounting / speaker mesh mounting / mobile camera and speaker cushioning & dampening - Kingzom Acrylic Foam Film Tapes offer a cushioning effect and thin bonding design, while dampening vibration and absorbing impacts.
  • Name plate mounting – Double-sided tape with PET carrier offers extra-strong adhesion for secure holding of nameplates, without any slippage or any lifting on the edges.
  • Electromagnetic interference shielding – EMI Tapes provide excellent adhesion and high shear strength to be used on a variety of surfaces. Providing surface electrical conductivity, they strengthen inherent shielding effectiveness and add dimensional stability.
  • Mobile phone cover mounting – Heat Activated Films offer manufacturers a strong bond for difficult to adhere materials, and where a small bond space is required.
  • Key pad lamination – with excellent chemical and environmental resistance and a wide operating temperature range, Scapa PET/PI double coated tapes assure excellent bonding to a variety of plastic, glass and metals. They do not leave any residue when removed, even after high temperature exposure.
  • Housing painting masking – Masking tape lets you create a superior finish, while providing an efficient barrier between the coated and masked surface. It assures the long-lasting hold and leaves no residue when removed.