Parts for Automated Assembly

In addition to manufacturing precision component parts, we extend that solution with an automated, precision placement of that part through our partnership with AccuPlace.  The parts that we manufacture have gotten smaller and smaller.  Designing a small complex part is one thing, but considering how to place them becomes an even larger challenge.  Our partnership with AccuPlace is a natural fit, offering our customers a complete solution.

Kingzom Component Assembly

Kingzom also offers assembly services for your final component.  Kingzom is highly specialized in working with adhesives and flexible materials.  This expertise allows our teams to assemble die cut pieces onto components more accurately and efficiently.  We see increased material yield, increased labor efficiency and overall higher quality with Kingzom assembly.  We offer hand and automated assembly services.  The project and volumes will be evaluated prior to taking on the assembly job.

A Kingzom employee carefully places die cut adhesive on to the plastic component.

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