Noise & Vibration Solutions,long lasting performance throughout the vehicle


Noise & Vibration Tapes & Solutions,long lasting performance throughout the vehicle

With the average vehicle travelling in excess of 100,000 miles / 160,000km during its lifetime, all components, cabling and bodywork have to be effectively installed so as to not cause unnecessary structure-borne squeaks and rattles.

Every vehicle’s noise level has to be analysed and controlled, in order to achieve a comfortable driving environment for drivers, passengers and those around them. Using the most effective noise absorption and vibration dampeners is critical to achieve this.

Kingzom provides a range of adhesive tapes for noise and vibration elimination, each providing a lightweight, practical solution that is strong enough to perform throughout the life of the vehicle, ensuring continued customer satisfaction.

Key Applications & Products

  • Separation of dissimilar materials – Double sided foam tapes ensure firm bonding between two substrates whilst their high conformability compensates any surface irregularities. They are ideal for sound absorption.
  • Gap filling and oscillation reduction – To withstand high temperature during manufacturing process, butyl sealants are the best option in body-in-white applications.
  • Noise management – Single sided tapes, made of high quality materials, serve a dual purpose. They are used for their appearance and noise reduction properties against unwanted rattles.
  • Impact resistance – Permanent filmic protection tapes are used where low friction and abrasion resistance are required.