PVC Warning Tape, Floor Adhesive Tape

PVC Warning Tape, Floor Adhesive Tape

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    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the substrate, pressure-sensitive adhesive made of rubber, which is characterized by having a strong adhesion, abrasion resistance and weather resistance, easy to tear, flexible, bright colors, warning effect well, can withstand high foot traffic, it has a certain anti-corrosion acid and alkali resistance, no residue after removal.

    Features-PVC warning tape

    ● The adhesive strength can be used for ordinary concrete floor.
    ● Compared to paint the floor plan, easy to operate.
    ● Not only can be used in common ground, and can be used on wood floors, ceramic tile, marble, walls and machinery.

    Applications-PVC warning tape

    Warning tape applied to identify the role of warning signs, color-coded warning area, parking lot, basketball courts, badminton courts, wooden floors, cement floors, factories, workshops, warehouses, shopping malls, stairs, etc.

    Data sheet (PVC warning tape)

    Carrier PVC
    Adhesive Rubber
    Color Colors
    Total Tape Thickness 0.13 mm
    Lengths 15 m
    Widths Customizable
    Adhesion to Steel Sheet (peeling) 25 N/100 mm
    Tensile strength of fracture 280 N/100 mm

    Note: Custom sizes are available upon request and supply free sample for test.


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