FEP & PFA Optically Clear Film made with Teflon fluoroplastic

FEP & PFA Optically Clear Film made with Teflon fluoroplastic

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    FEP & PFA films are PTFE (Teflon fluoroplastic) based films that benefit from the ability to be thermoformed, heat-sealed, plastic-welded or bonded.

    PFA film is very similar to FEP, except its higher melting point (302C to 310C vs. FEP’s melt range of 260C to 280C).

    PTFE is the most inert of all plastics and complies with US FDA regulations for safe use with food.

    FEP and PFA films possess superior anti-stick, low friction properties, as well as high dielectric strength (over 7000 volts per mil for 1 mil).

    No electrical tracking, non-wettable (hydrophobic), non-flammable, non-charring.

    We are proud to offer superior reliability & retention of properties over large areas of these films.

    Available in sheets as wide as 24 inches. This film is also available with adhesive for ease of installation in our tape section.

    Custom sized sheeting available.

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