polyimide tape soulutions source from www.Kingzom.com

Kingzom have our engineer team with the capabilities to do our own research and development of UV glue with high performance, reliability and durability.
Our UV resin is good replacement of Japanese Padico, it is widely used on DIY handcraft,jewellery, lure/bait making.
UV light radiation physical properties similar to the visible light, have a linear, but its penetration is far less than visible light, so UV curing is mainly used in light can directly hit the epidermis or light transmission better inner curing.
For the impact of temperature is more sensitive or poor temperature resistance of light-cured workpiece, the traditional UV lamp UV radiation generated by the IR radiation, it is a major hazard or even fatal. Generally use water cooling, reflection, frequency filtering and other methods to be addressed. The use of LED light source curing can solve this problem, because the LED light source is cold light source without heat radiation. UVLED light source curing greatly improve efficiency.

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