3M TAPES, TESA TAPE, NITTO TAPE, Kapton tape, sony tape, Poron tape

3M TAPES, TESA TAPE, NITTO TAPE, Kapton tape, sony tape, Poron tape

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    We are agents  of many major production brands such as 3M, Nitto, Tesa, Poron, Adchem …

    Main: Goldfinger tape, Teflon tape, double-sided tape,
    Conductive tape, anti-static tape, shading tape, PET double-sided tape, cable leather belt, Mara tape, electrical tape,
    Circuit board tape, acetate cloth tape, glass fiber tape, green tape, retaining wall tape, high temperature masking tape,
    Copper / aluminum foil tape, and other special tape. And special distribution 3M tape, TESA Tesa tape, SONY Sony tape,
    NITTO on the East Tape, TERAOKA Temple Kong tape, SEKISUI water tape, Hi-BON Hitachi, DIC Japan,
    SLIONTEC Lion, TACONIC Korea, DAEHYUN ST Daxian, four-dimensional, and other well-known international brands to establish a close working relationship.
    And professional processing: red / Beijiao, die-cutting / composite, red-3M, Sony (SONY), the East (NITTO),
    Tesa (TESA), and other imported double-sided tape and domestic tape, valet slitting,
    According to customer demand for the development of mold stamping into different shapes and specifications,
    Widely used in the electronics industry, mobile phones, computers, Ming version, household appliances, all kinds of accessories, IT, clothing and other industries.
    Professional staff and supporting the production environment to the quality and quantity to complete all the production orders and to meet the requirements of the production model.
    We will, as always, adhering to the “quality first, low prices, sincere service, the pursuit of excellence” purposes.
    3M Optical Glue OCA: 3M8142ACL, 3M8212, 3M8141, 3M8161, 3M8185, 3M8187, 3M9483, 3M8172, 3M8195, 3M8197, 3MX1077
    3M anisotropic conductive film ACF: 3M9703,3M9705,3M9706,3M7303,3M5303,3M7393,3M7379,3M7371,3M7376,3M7378,3M8794,3M5363,3M7313,3M7396,3M5552R
    3M electrical tape: 3M7761,3M7763,3M7765,3M7769,3M7805,3M7810,3M9725,3M9740,3M9764,3M9830,3M9780,3M9719,3M9712,3M9713,3M9708,3M9709,3M9709S, 3M9709SL
    3M hot melt adhesive film: 3M615, 3M615S, 3M615ST, 3M406, 3M583, 3M688, 3M690, 3M690T, 3MAF-111, 3MAF-43
    3M Thermal tape: 3M8805; 3M8810; 3M8815; 3M88203M8940,3M8943
    3M Thermal Pad: 3M5516, 3M5591, 3M5591S, 3M5592S, 3M5595S, 3M5589H, 3M5590H
    3M Thermal Pad: 3M9889FR, 3M9894FR, 3M9879Fr
    3M silicone and acrylic double-sided tape: 3M9731, 3M9731B, 3M9731RW side is silicone, one side is the acrylic glue
    3M water indication label warranty and security tape: 3M5557, 3M5557NP, 3M5558, 3M5559
    3M metal foil tape: 3M300PL, 3M508SN
    3M Ground Thermal Bonded Film: 3M7373
    3M conductive copper foil tape: 3M1181, 3M1182, 3M1183, 3M1194, 3M1188, 3M1189, 3M1245, 3M1345, 3M2245, 3M3245, 3MCU-10S, 3MCU-35C
    3M conductive foil tape: 3M1120,3M1170,3M1172,3M1178,3M1179,3M1267,3MAL-25BT, 3MAL-50BT, 3MAL-25DC, 3MCEA-1,3MCEA-2,3MAL-40BLK, 3MEKA1,3MEKA2
    3M electromagnetic absorption materials: 3MAB2000, 3MAB5000, 3MAB6000, 3MAB7000
    3MHigh-u magnetic field shielding film: 3M1380
    3M conductive acrylic pads: 3M7805, 3M7806, 3M7810, 3M7850, 3M7830, 3M7830N, 3MCAP7830, 3 MeCAP7830N
    3M copper nickel conductive cloth: 3MCN3190
    3M anti-tear conductive tape: 3M2191FR
    3M copper-nickel conductive cloth tape: 3 MCN3190, 3 MCN4190, 3 MCN4490
    3M conductive gold fabric tape: 3MAU2190
    3M conductive silver fabric tape: 3MAG2300
    3M Metal Foil Tape: 3MAL-35FR, 3MAL-36FR, 3MAL-36NC, 3MCEAP-1,3MAL-37BLK, 3MAL-40BLK
    3M copper-nickel conductive cloth tape: 3MCEF-1,3 MCEF-2,3 MCEF-3, 3 MCEF-6, 3 MCEF-8
    3M conductive foam: FOF series, the shape: rectangular, D-type, C-type, L-type, P-type and so on
    3M electromagnetic shielding sleeve: 3MDS-5,3MDS-7,3MDS-10,3MDS-14,3MFS-30,3MFS-37
    3M glass cloth electrical insulation tape: 3MCIG-1
    3M anti-static tape: 3M40
    3M polyester film tape: 3M # 5,3M # 5K, 3M # 54,3M # 56,3M # 57,3M # 74,3M # 75,3M # 1350F-1,3M # 1350F-2,3M # 1350T- 1,3M # 1351-1,3M # 1351-2,3M # 1388,3M1298
    3M acetate cloth insulation tape: 3M11 #, 3M28 #, 3M1554 #, 3M1554K, 3M1558
    3M epoxy film tape: 3M # 1,3 MSuper10, 3MSuper20
    3M polyimide film tape: 3M # 92,3M # 1205,3M # 1206,3M # 98C-1,3M # 98C-2,3M # 98C-12
    3M with film aluminum foil tape: 3MCEAP-1
    3M double-sided tape (adhesive on both sides of the same): 3M4801,3M9009,3M9019,3M9077,3M9475LE, 3M9492MP, 3M9495LE, 3M9495MP, 3M9609,3M55230,3M55231,3M55232,3M55235,3M55256,3M55257,3M55258,3M55261,3M55262,3MY9448,3M9495le, 3m9690,3m9009,3m9019,3m9079,3m9461p, 3m9485pc, 3m9482pc, 3m9460pcvhb, 3m9469pcvhb, 3m9473pcvhb
    3M double-sided tape (two different adhesive): 3M9731, 3M4377-50,3M4377-85, 3M9415PC, 3M9425HT, 3M9425
    3M plain film without the substrate: 3M467MP, 3M468MP, 3M966,3M7955MP, 3M9079,3M9082,3M9085,3M9458,3M9471LE, 3M9472LE, 3M9482PC, 3M9485PC, 3M9671LE, 3M9672LE, 3MF9460,3MF9469,3MF9473,3M9832
    3M medical tape: single-sided film tape, double-sided tape and transfer tape, non-woven and woven fabric tape, water glue tape, foam tape
    3M double-sided acrylic foam tape: 3MY-4615,3MY-4609,3M4618,3M4622
    3M telecommunications electrical insulation tape, 3m cable core tie film, 3m putty tape, 3mDR tape: 3m80T, 3m88T
    3MPolymaskTM protective tape: 3M3112, 3M4178, 3M5112
    3M metal foil tape: 3M261, 3M271, 3M281, 3M291, 3M300PL, 3M1115, 3M1120, 3M1436
    3M high temperature shielding tape: 3M851,3M1278,3M1279,3M5413,3M7414,3M5414,3M5419,3M5433,3M7413T, 3M7413TL, 3M7419,3M7413,3M7413D, 3M7413DL, 3M7412C, 3M851ST, 3M852ST, 3M853Y, 3M7411B
    3M tags: 3M7815, 3M7816, 3M7847, 3M7613, 3M7868, 3M7930
    3M water-soluble tape: 3M906B, 3M910, 3M917B, 3M9952, 3M9969, 3M9974
    3M flexo tape: 3M1015, 3M1020, 3M1115, 3M1915, 3M1920
    3M fastener: 3MSJ-3526,3MSJ-3527,3MSJ-3571,3MSJ-3572,3MSJ-3541,3MSJ-3542,3MSJ-3550,3MSJ-3551,3MSJ-3552,3MSJ-3560
    3M polymer surface smooth tape: 3M5451, 3M5480, 3M5490, 3M5491, 3M5498
    3MPET circuit board plating protective tape: 3M331T, 3M335, 3M336, 3M850, 3M851, 3M853
    3M wave soldering protection tape: 3M7413T, 3M5413, 3M5419, 3M7413
    3M glass cloth tape: 3M361, 3M367
    3M Masking Tape: 3M200,3M232,3M244,3M2308,3M2310,3M2364,3M2693
    3M fiber tape: 3M8915, 3M8934

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