Micro suction cup tape non-magnetic materials for phone sticker car holder lazy bracket

Micro suction cup tape non-magnetic materials for phone sticker car holder lazy bracket

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  • Size: 200mm*300mm
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    Kingzom micro suction tape for phone sticker is a pretty ingenious bit of engineering.  One side is ordinary adhesive though, the other side has no glue.

    Micro suction tape for phone sticker is made of an acrylic foam sheet with thousands of suction cups so small you can’t see them with the naked eye. Once you stick micro-suction tape to a surface, you can easily peel it from the edge, because the sticking power of each individual suction cup is weak. But add thousands of those suction cups together and it becomes very strong. A 4in x 1in piece of micro-suction tape can easily hold up 1 pound

    The reverse side of the sheet is covered in an acrylic adhesive. This side sticks more permanently to your base surface. For example, you could apply the adhesive side to a phone dock and hang your phone on the suction cup side. You would be able to remove the phone and rehang it over and over without leaving a residue on the surface.

    Structure of micro suction tape

    PE Protect Film
     Micro-suction Side Special Acrylic Foam
     PET Film
     Acrylic Adhesive Side
     Paper Liner

    Data sheet

    Color and Thickness (mm) White: 0.5, 0.8Black: 0.3, 0.5, 0.8
    Shape Custom
    Magnification (%) 150
    Elongation (%) 400
    Tensile Strength (N/cm) 12.74
    Usable Flat surface material, glass, metal, marble, plastic etc.
    Unusable Rough surface, water surroundings


    Micro suction tape is not pressure sensitive,can rebond repeatedly, and leaves no residue on the target surface. To remove, you simply pull the tape off or twist it to break the bond . You can use it over and over without losing any sticking power. It also won’t leave any kind of adhesive residue once removed. The only downside is that the tape will lose its stickiness if it gets dusty or dirty. That’s because the dust fills up the micro-suction cups, making them lose their suction. But, wiping it off with a damp cloth to remove the dust will easily restore the suction. Yo must keep it away from water or rain, since it will also lose suction if it gets wet. However, as soon as it dries out it will be sticky again.


    • Stand, Docking station (Attaching a tablet or a smartphone / A rubber foot )
    • Smartphone Case, Tablet Case ( Fixing to the case and the front cover )
    • Gasket for internal cell phone components (LCD, Speaker, Microphone e.g.)
    • Stationery fixation (Bookends, Pencil stand e.g.)
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