Heavy Duty Matte Cloth Gaffer Tape with White and Black Colour No Residue Perfect Alternative to Duct Tape

Heavy Duty Matte Cloth Gaffer Tape with White and Black Colour No Residue Perfect Alternative to Duct Tape

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    Gaffer tape (also known as gaff tape or gaffer’s tape as well as camera tape and spike tape for narrow, coloured gaffer tape) is a heavy cotton cloth pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive and tensile properties. It is widely used in photography, theatre, film and television production, and industrial staging work.

    Kingzom Gaffer Tape is manufactured in many colors, including fluorescent and custom colors, but perhaps the most common variety is matte black and white. A matte finish keeps the tape from reflecting light so it blends in with a typical stage floor. It is sold in a variety of widths from 1⁄4 in (6 mm) to 4 in (102 mm), with 1 in (25 mm) and 2 in (51 mm) being the most common.


    ****************************** →  Special treatment layer
    —————————— →  Matte cloth layer
    ////////////////////////////// →  Synthetic adhesive layer



    Matte cloth


    1in, 2in*30yards (customized)


    matte black and white (customized)




    synthetic adhesive

    Total Thickness


    Initial Tack (steel ball)

    (steel ball)#(steel ball)#


    Peel Adhesion


    Holding Power




    Tensile Strength



    Temperature Resistance



    Please keep in the cool, ventilated and dry condition between 15℃-25℃.



    1. 1. Gaffer tape is strong yet can be torn by hand, so no cutting tools are necessary, and it can easily be ripped into narrower strips when desired.
    2. 2. The synthetic adhesive typically leaves no residue and will generally not damage most surfaces when it is removed.
    3. 3. Gaffer tape is high waterproof tape, matte surface finish. It is also high tack and tensile strength. Highly conformable.
    4. 4. While sometimes confused with duct tape, gaffer tape differs in the composition of both the backing, which is made from fabric as opposed to vinyl or other plastics, and the adhesive, which is more resistant to heat and more easily removed without damaging the surface to which it was adhered.


    1. 1. A common application for gaffer tape is securing cables to a stage floor, podium or other surface, either for safety or concealment.
    2. 2. It is also frequently used whenever a quick ad hoc fix is required, from temporarily attaching fixtures or props, to salvaging a broken piece of production equipment.
    3. 3. A narrow version of gaffer tape, called spike tape, is used in theater productions for floor layout.
    4. 4. In the absence of console tape or artist tape, live sound engineers or lighting board operators may use a strip of white gaffer tape along the bottom of a mixing board, to label the channels or submasters used for a particular show.
    5. 5. Used in the motion picture & television industries, and as a book-binding tape


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