Custom CAD/PDF Drawing Die Cutting service of ROGERS Poron Foam Gasket Tape

Custom CAD/PDF Drawing Die Cutting service of ROGERS Poron Foam Gasket Tape

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    Rogers Preferred Converters

    Rogers Poron sells PORON and BISCO materials through an exclusive network of preferred converters. Kingzom is a Rogers partners who deliver an exceptional level of die cutting service and support for Rogers products. We maintain high standards of quality, technical capability, and customer service ensuring the best possible experience for our shared end users.

    Kingzom fully integrated, in-house precision converting capabilities are available across multiple facilities with expertise to provide competitive solutions to virtually any industry. Precision converting sales teams and engineers partner closely with your design team to solve complex manufacturing and assembly problems that reduce your overall costs.

    Kingzom’s expertise as a precision converter and die cut fabricator delivers to you reliable and consistent production parts spanning environmental gaskets and seals, bonding systems, EMI/RFI shielding and absorbers, electrical insulation, electrical conduction, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, thermal conduction, cushioning, shock absorption, vibration damping, lens protection, graphic overlays, labels and electromechanical subassemblies.

    Die Cutting Case Shown

    Die cutting Case Rogers Poron Shown

    PORON products integrate these advantages

    • 1. Excellent resistance to compression deformation, it has a long-lasting seal and cushioning properties.
    • 2. Low outgassing and non-atomizing, no plasticizers or residual contaminating chemicals. The material itself will not break due to brittleness, and it will not corrode metal.
    • 3. The material itself has flame retardant properties without any additives. Most materials meet the flame retardant requirements of UL HBF and MVSS 302.
    • 4. Specially designed polyurethane formulations offer a wide range of moduli for a variety of design requirements – 2-90psi @ 25% good chemical resistance to deformation.
    • 5. Easy to process, die-cut clean, can be used with a variety of adhesives.
    • 6. Various thicknesses and recipes from 0.012″ to 0.500″ (0.30mm to 12.7mm)


    1. 1. Shock & Impact: Display Protection, Impact Absorption, Shock Absorption.
    2. 2. Sealing & Gasketing: Aircraft Interior Seals, Automotive Gaskets & Gap Filling, Dust Seals, Enclosure Panel, Door & Window Seals, HEV Enclosures, LCD Gaskets, Rail Interior Seals, Water Seals.
    3. 3. Cushioning & Pads: Aircraft Carpet Pads, Battery Pad Portfolio, Comfort Cushioning, Custom Contouring, Mass Transit Seating, Medical Cushioning, Pads & Springs, Spacers & Bin Liners.
    4. 4. Acoustics & Vibration:Buzz, Squeak, Rattle / Noise, Vibration, Harshness, Damping & Isolation, Sound Blocking & Absorption

    Main series


    Soft Slow Rebound

    Item Typical roll size Thickness
    4790-92-30012-04P 1372mm*182.88M 0.3mm
    4790-92-25021-04P 1372mm*144.78M 0.53mm
    4790-92-25024-04P 1372mm*144.78M 0.61mm
    4790-92-12030-04P 1372mm*121.92M 0.75mm
    4790-92-25031-04P 1372mm*121.92M 0.79mm
    4790-92-25041-04P 1372mm*106.68M 1.04mm
    4790-92-12049-04P 1372mm*106.68M 1.25mm
    4790-92-12059-04P 1372mm*91.44M 1.50mm
    4790-92-20081-04P 1372mm*68.58M 2.06mm
    4790-92-20093-04P 1372mm*68.60M 2.36mm
    4790-92-15120-04P 1372mm*50.29M 3.05mm

    Very Soft Rebound/ PET Su      pported

    4701-30-25021-04P 1372mm*144.78M 0.53mm
    4701-30-25031-04 1372mm*47.72M 0.79mm
    4701-30-25037-04P 1372mm*121.92M 0.94mm
    4701-30-20062-04 1372mm*91.44M 1.57mm
    4701-30-20093-04 1372mm*68.58M 2.36mm
    4701-30-20125-04 1372mm*50.29M 3.18mm


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