3M363L Aluminum Foil Glass Cloth Tape for High Temperature Wrap Over Insulation Cables

3M363L Aluminum Foil Glass Cloth Tape for  High Temperature Wrap Over Insulation Cables

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    3M 363 high temperature aluminum foil glass cloth tape can be used as a high temperature, heat reflective, protective wrap for certain cables and other components in aerospace and industrial applications.

    3M 363 high temperature aluminum foil/glass cloth tape is a strong and flexible tape with high tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance. With a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive, it adheres well to silicone surfaces and over irregular or uneven substrates. This tape is light and heat reflective, plus it resists flame, moisture, weather and UV degradation. It is a chemical resistant, thermally conductive tape that performs consistently at temperatures ranging from -65°F/-54°C to 600°F/316°C


    Aluminum foil laminated to glass cloth

    Silicone (transparent) adhesive

    Transparent, easy-release film


    1. Can easily be die-cut into special sizes or shapes.
    2. Light, flexible construction – easily applied to a variety of irregular shapes.
    3. Performs continuously from -65°F (-54°C) to 600°F (316°C).
    4. Best results obtained when applied to a clean dry surface above 32°F (0°C), but can be applied at lower temperatures.
    5. High tensile strength, glass cloth reinforced foil tape offers puncture, fracture and tear resistance.
    6. Thermally conductive and reflective backing assists with heat shielding.
    7. Pressure sensitive silicone adhesive adheres to difficult surfaces, including silicone.


    Color: Shiny silver
    Standard Roll Length: 36 yds. (33 m)



    Adhesion to Steel

    52 oz./in. width (57 N/100 mm)

    Tensile Strength

    135 lbs./in. width (2364 N/100 mm)

    Elongation at Break


    Backing Thickness

    Foil: 1.0 mil (0.025 mm)

    Glass Cloth: 2.4 mils (0.06 mm)

    Total Tape Thickness

    7.3 mils (0.19 mm)

    Liner Thickness

    2 .0 mils (0.05 mm)

    Temperature Use Range

    -65° to 600°F (-54 to 316°C)


    0.0114 lbs./yd./in. width (0.0057 kg/m/24mm)


    • Heat reflective wrap over insulation cables, instruments or other high temperature sensitive materials.
    • Ideal for industrial applications that will be exposed to movement and vibration.
    • Bundling wire harnesses.
    • High temperature/performance applications in the aerospace, automotive and industrial industries.


    Store under normal conditions of 60° to 80°F (16° to 27°C) and 40 to 60% R.H. in the original carton.


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