0.015-0.02mm polyimide tape for mandrel used in the medical device field for Coronary Applications

International  Medical R&D Center need one solution for  their research.

The Medical R&D Center  looking for a method to insulate a 0.003” mandrel from electrical conduction. The insulation will then be exposed to high temperatures during the solder paste application ≈230°C.  The mandrel is part of a Guidewire Assembly which will have a sensor attached used in the medical device field for Coronary Applications.

Our engineers visited the customer,  work with the designers 2 days for fully understand the characteristics of this application. It need the tape very thickness as 0.015mm-0.020mm, with well adhesion for stick to the mandrel,and it must accept 230°C  during the solder paste application.

We have many years of experience in this industry, recommended a variety of products, still no way to meet the needs of this application。

After 1 week test, we found the polyimide tape is well for this application,but the polyimide tape thickness is 0.05mm-0.25mm, very thickness for the application. At last our factory engineer researched a polyimide film as 0.012mm, with glue,total thickness is 0.016-0.018mm.

When we produce the 0.016mm-0.018mm polyimide tape, we contact the customer for their application. After many times test, it proved the material is well for them.

As the solution well solved. The customer produce the device well,and it is widely used in  Coronary Applications.

Our engineer team and customer team are very pleased with this.

Post time: Dec-13-2016