UV release adhesive tape for attaching glass parts to a cast iron plate to grind and polish

One world brand company meet a big problem and sent the email to Kingzom: “We search a tape for  attach glass parts to a cast iron plate to grind and polish the glass. The glass gets to be very thin and fragile (approximately 100um up to 3mm thickness) when it is completed.  So far the biggest problem I am having with the tape is removing the attached glass from the plate. We’ve had the most luck using Xylene solvent however it takes 3 hours minimum soak time to get the part even close to removal. It requires the use of a razor blade to help lift the edge of the part so the xylene can release. Due to the fragile nature of the glass we would like to stay away from razor blades and decrease the amount of time required to remove the part from the plate.”

When we got the inquire,our engineers checked the production process,combined with a variety of tape characteristics, then made two solutions as following:

First option–UV Release Adhesive Tape

Use the UV release adhesive tape when finish the produce.  The tape will lost the adhesion after UV exposure, then the glass can remove  easily from the iron without residues.

Second option–Thermal Release Adhesive Tape

Use thermal release adhesive tape when finish the produce. The tape will lost adhesion by heating the iron to 150 degree, then the glass can remove easily. But this solutions need check if the device temperature resistance  to the 150 degree.

At last we our customer chosen the UV release tape for their application. After the sample test, the solution is very successful. It saves much time for them, and the glass is well removed after UV process. Also this process well used for wafers grind and polish and dicing.

Our customer gave us their sincere thanks and started the cooperation on new project.

Post time: Dec-13-2016