About Us

Kingzom work on kinds film/tape since 1997, is a global leader in providing precision die-cut component parts for customers in the consumer electronics, automotive, LED,energy and medical industries. With over 500,000 square feet of production space worldwide and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, Kingzom engineers work closely with customers to solve complex manufacturing and assembly problems. Kingzom’s responsive approach, in-depth material knowledge, innovative manufacturing capabilities, and high standards for quality all add up to provide you with the best component solutions in the industry. 

We are authorized dealer of many major production brands such as 3M, Nitto, Tesa, Poron, Adchem …

We strive to provide customers with quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices.

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Why Kingzom?

  •  Our parts meet designer’s requirements.
  •  We fabricate complex parts with aids for easier hand or automated assembly.
  •  Our experienced teams are ready to support product cycles from prototypes to development builds to full production.
  •  We maintain close alliances with the world’s leading flexible material manufacturers.

What Our Customers Say

“Kingzom consistently provides the best service and support, from design through production, around the world. They are especially valuable as a partner because of their excellent guidance when choosing materials and quick delivery of engineering samples during design development”.

                                                                                                – Senior Mechanical Designer, Electronics OEM

“Kingzom continues to amaze us. By utilizing innovative manufacturing techniques, kingzom has helped differentiate our product from others in the market. Kingzom is constantly looking for ways to improve our product while trying to lower costs. Kingzom continues to be one of our most trusted suppliers and is crucial to our growth in upcoming years.”

                                                                                                – CEO, Electronics Manufacturer

“Kingzom has consistently provided our company with innovative applications and reliable product, on time! They are a long term supplier and we intend that this relationship continue to grow.”

                                                                                                – President, Major Automotive Emblem Manufacturer

“Kingzom is an outstanding partner and supplier. Their technical support and capability is beyond compare. Kingzom is in a class all by themselves amongst all our suppliers, offering amazing value and incredible support.”

                                                                                                – President, Medical Device Company