Wire Harness Tapes & Solutions,for all technology developments


Wire Harness Solutions/Tapes for all technology developments

The use of electronic devices in motor vehicles is increasing every year, with entry level models now coming equipped with technology such as CD players, air bags and electric windows as standard. Modern day luxuries such as TV screens in head rests, electronic/ heated seats and fuel efficient engines each require various levels of wire harness, due to the application environment and space restrictions.

The harnessing has to withstand high temperatures, chemicals and abrasion throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. All Kingzom products are manufactured to meet the stringent quality standards set by the industry, ensuring safety and comfort for the vehicle occupants.

As a global leader in automotive wire harnessing, Kingzom can offer a solution for any level of vehicle specification, including engines with complex EED Systems, engines that require up to T6 temperature resistant harnessing and where space is at a minimum in doors, cockpits and dashboards.

Key Applications & Products

  • General wrapping purposes and identification – strong, flexible and conformable PVC tapes, also available in a variety of colours for marking branches and identify connections in the construction of wiring harness.
  • Anti squeak and rattle – rayon cloths are perfect for cable wrapping whilst ensuring sealing properties when specially laminated for waterproofing and used for splicing. High performance PET cloths guarantee performance up to 150°C (T4) as well as different levels of abrasion resistance to be used in sharp environment.
  • Sound dampening – product range with attenuation feature from 10 to 20dB includes economic PET felts without interleaving, exhibiting temperature resistance up to 125°C (T3),  easy-to-tear by hand to gain in production efficiency and cost saving.
  • Heat protection – PVC, PET or glass cloths offer different levels of resistance in high temperature environment.
  • Sealing – soft and conformable butyl sealants and foam tapes exhibit excellent adhesion on many substrates whilst ensuring excellent sealing against dust and water.