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Global plastic injection molder who manufactures products for automobile manufacturers and their sub-suppliers. The customer’s headquarters are in Germany, design center is in North America (Detroit, MI area) and manufacturing spans the globe, including Mexico and Asia.


Plastic molded part for automobile interior with thin foam pad bonded to one side.


High-tack transfer adhesive Kingzom ADVANTAGE In-person global support; creative and resourceful engineering; ability to source adequate amounts of the raw material quickly; NEXT DAY turn-around on samples and final parts


An adhesive backed, thin foam pad supplied by a Kingzom competitor was failing in assembly during manufacturing in Mexico. The adhesive would not properly or consistently bond to the molded plastic housing, causing the foam to “lift” or separate from the plastic. The supplier was unable to effectively provide a solution quickly.


The customer was familiar with Marian as a supplier of other products. Once contacted, Marian representatives quickly provided support at each of the customer’s locations. Material specifications were reviewed in Germany, and part design with people in Michigan (USA) within 24 hours. Laser cut prototypes were delivered to the Mexico production facility the next day. Without time to build custom tooling,Kingzom Engineers used in-house tooling and machine designs and began producing new parts within 2 days.

Customer Benefits

• Kingzom was able to quickly provide in-person support at every location involved with this project from Material Specification (Germany), to Design (Michigan) to Assembly (Mexico).

• The Kingzom Team responded extremely fast to provide a successful solution to a failing part from a competitor. Marian was able to ship out the parts NEXT DAY, and for many days following, allowing the customer to keep the assembly line running.

• Kingzom engineers were resourceful, creative and diligent in finding a way to create the parts in a very short period of time.

•Kingzom’s Purchasing Team, along with our good material suppliers, were able to acquire adequate amounts of the raw material literally over night.

• Kingzom’s Production Team was able to adjust work schedules to accommodate immediate demand.

We take pride in being FLEXIBLE for our good customers.

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