Experts in the alternative energy battery market,gaskets for the battery market


Kingzom has long-standing relationships with premier manufacturers of the most advanced and highest quality soft materials and adhesives.

Kingzom is able to maintain a vast inventory of these raw materials to respond to individual customer needs in the best way possible.

Kingzom can convert the following materials for use in a battery application:  

Neoprene , Polyester , EPDM , Poron®,Copper foil , Aluminum foil , Conductive PSAs, ITW Formex® , Lexan , Ultem , Silicone , PVC , VHB™


Customers need a reliable supplier of foam gaskets to protect the air ports in the battery assembly. If the proper gasket or gasket material is not used, heat and water penetration can be an issue.

In addition, other material and gasket characteristics are often necessary including: compression set resistance, durability, flame retardant, and seal-ability. Good chemical and UV resistance of the gasket material can also be important for the best seal. The material cannot become brittle and crumble over the long life of the battery.


Kingzom has the ability to create a proper foam gasket with a material best suited to the application at hand (air port protection, in this case). Kingzom also has the ability to create other types of gaskets:

Interlocking puzzle gaskets , LCD window gaskets , Lens gaskets , EMI/RFI gaskets, Fluid gas & air gaskets, Dust & dirt gaskets, Light gaskets , Automotive seals ,Foam gaskets

Some batteries may require large pads & gaskets. Kingzom has large rotary press capabilities and a waterjet machine available to handle parts as large as 48”x60”. The waterjet machine is ideal in that it prevents large losses of material yield.


We specialize in developing a total solution for our customers by:

 Offering material selection expertise

 Utilizing innovative and creative manufacturing technologies and equipment

 Providing fast prototypes

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