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Plastic molded cover for alarm system control module


3M 2105C low-tack protective tape

Kingzom Advantage

Material expertise; Ability to manufacture final parts kiss-cut to a roll with pull-tabs


The customer required a cling film material to protect the molded plastic piece they manufactured that would act as the alarm system control module display cover. The customer experienced difficulty in finding a cling film that would adhere to the plastic material of their part (poly methyl methacrylate).


Instead of a cling film, Kingzom material experts recommended a low-tack protective tape, 3M 2105C. This low-tack adhesive adheres to the specific plastic material of the customer’s part and removes easily without leaving residue. Kingzom also provided precise die cut parts kiss-cut to a liner with pull-tabs for easy removal and efficient assembly by the customer.

Customer benefits

• Material Expertise – Kingzom works with a wide variety of thin materials and adhesives. Our material knowledge is vast. The material recommendation of a 3M 2105C low-tack protective tape has proved to be a much better fit than the cling films tried previously.

• Capabilities – Kingzom’s laminating and rotary die cutting skills are unmatched. Kingzom produced a precision die cut part that met the customer’s specifications, kiss-cut on rolls with pull-tabs improving ease of assembly.

• Efficiency – The final solution that Kingzom provided was easy to apply due to the pull-tabs and rolled final packaging. The customer could assemble the adhesive onto the part more efficiently. 

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