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Electrically conductive washer


Chomerics S6305 electrically conductive silicone rubber, .032″ thick, with PSA on one side


Electrically conductive washer acts as an EMI shielding gasket where the two metal cast halves attach on a standoff. 


The customer needed a precisely cut washer that would act as a gasket on the standoff where two metal cast halves of an engine controller (EC) are attached. The gasket also needed to shield the EC from electromagnetic interference (EMI) with other “under-the-hood” electronics. The customer also required an efficient and cost-effective solution because the washer was a high-volume, small part (4,000,000 annually). It had to be placed quickly and accurately, or productivity would suffer.


Kingzom offered to supply the customer with a part that could be placed accurately and automatically using the AccuPlace system. Though the die-cut part was extremely small (.256″ x .157″),Kingzom was able to cut it precisely. In fact, Kingzom developed a specialized process to ensure that the small center slugs were removed uniformly.


 The conductive silicone material combined with the precise cut of the washer ensured EMI control.

 The reliable material dimensions of the washer assured good height and width accuracy on the standoff surface.

 Kingzom developed a process to remove the center slugs of the washer, the AccuPlace system handled the high volume of parts, and the customer enjoyed high productivity rates.

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