Experts in EMI SHIELDING SOLUTIONS,complex EMI shielding solutions


Global communications manufacturer, enterprise mobility business


Label, insulator, and EMI shield on scanner engines


Polyester, copper, PET, adhesives


Ability to repeatedly produce tough parts with tight tolerances, quick response time, willingness to take on difficult projects.


This customer produces scanner engines for both hand-held and embedded scanners. When the engines emit a scan, they generate lots of electromagnetic interference (EMI), so not only is shielding important but so is insulation, grounding, and arc prevention. As a result, the parts require complex geometries, including a recess of the shield from the insulators. The parts were so hard to produce that the customer’s previous supplier threw in the towel. The customer needed a supplier who could immediately take over these difficult parts and produce them at a very high volume. 


Kingzom worked closely with our suppliers to get the materials and tooling turned around quickly. The customer’s quality manager was pleased with Kingzom’s ability to develop the custom-layered parts and produce repeatable results with tight tolerances. Kingzom saved the customer’s production line from going down.


 Problem-solving capabilities. The parts have as many as 7 unique layers, and some parts have a printed serial number as well. Synchronizing so many layers was difficult, but Marian found a way.

 Accuracy and repeatability. Kingzom was able to produce the intricate all-in-one scanner engine label, insulator, and EMI shield within tight tolerances.

 Speed. Kingzom saved the customer’s production line from going down by producing parts quickly.

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