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Large U.S. manufacturer of headlights and taillights for automobile companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, General Motors, and Harley Davidson


Center high mount stop light gasket MATERIAL Very soft EPT foam with Tesa 4965 on both sides for high bond


Brake light gasket bonds and water seals the plastic light to the body of the automobile


The customer needed a reliable supplier of center high mount stop light gaskets for SUVs and trucks. The gaskets needed to be larger than previous models, and engineers were having trouble securing them with screws. 


Kingzom offered the following to the customer:

 Using an EPT foam that has low compression set and higher performance than current foam

 Replacing a messy adhesive with a more stable Tesa high bond adhesive on both sides of the foam

 Providing tabs on either side of the gasket and a colored liner for easy application of the gasket to the automobile


 Customer utilized a higher quality material and adhesive that led to fewer production issues and a longer performance life.

 The two tabs on either end of the stop light gasket led to an easier application of the product, which increased production efficiencies for the customer.

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